Functional Training


  • Weight (kg): 75
  • Total height (cm): 182
    Base height (cm): 50 
  • Maximum base diameter (cm): 75
  • Material: BTEX class M1, foam and concrete 


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The Xfit Box is the special mobile base bag particularly suitable for group activities, martial arts and Fitboxe training.

Thanks to its solid internal structure, the M1 class BTEX coating and its high weight, the Xfit Box is the strongest and strongest mobile base bag on the market: it has been tested up to 960,000 shots of 90 kg.

In addition to all the features of the conventional Fitboxe bag, it boasts the presence of some elements that make it unique in the fitness market and that maximize its efficiency and potential. First of all, its special “spine” overload structure: the cylinder, in fact, is formed inside by a core that alternates the presence of cement and foam, the combination of which gives the bag great elasticity and a unparalleled impact and vibration absorption capacity.

The Xfit Box is composed of a base and a cylinder, easily separable to facilitate transport and storage.

Thanks to its soft coating, the base can also be affected, thus expanding the range of exercises possible during training.