Bars + Plates


  • High quality spring collars
  • 5mm steel thickness provides great durability
  • Fits all sized Olympic Weight Bars
  • Strong yet easy to hold
  • Sold as a pair


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The Origin Olympic Spring Collars have been designed with the facility user in mind. For too long, this simple piece of kit has been a huge issue for facility users for many reasons. Some have too much resistance for some users to effectively open. Some also struggle to move effortlessly along an Olympic Bar.

The Origin Olympic Spring Collars were created to be easily usable for people of all grip strengths and to move effortlessly along Olympic bars can be firmly attached to all Olympic style bars.

Investing in the Origin Olympic Spring Collars is not only cost effective, but can also lead to less frustration and therefore more enjoyable workouts for your facility users.

Furthermore, durability was the foundation of the product design. Expect long life with our Olympic Spring Collars and happier facility users.