Do you want to run fast, jump high and move swiftly? Being active and regular exercise makes your body fit, but the reason you are unable to smash your fitness goal is not inactivity, rather lack of mobility. But what is mobility? It refers to the fact that you can move freely and briskly without any discomfort or pain. Mobility is all about the flexibility of your joints and muscles. Therefore you don't only need to be active but mobile as well to keep your overall body fit and healthy. FitDist provides both stretching and mobility-focused products which can help you improve flexibility in your tendons and muscles. In turn, that will allow for a greater range of motion during various fitness activities and movements. We have a variety of massage balls, stability balls, foam rollers, and percussion massage roller and vibration equipment.

Your fitness routine will be incomplete without stretching and mobility-based exercises. These will help to ensure to replenish tired muscles, condition the core, and revive key joints to achieve swift movements and better overall body fitness. There are various exercises to indulge in for improving your flexibility like static or dynamic stretching, holding a position for an extended period and muscle lengthening stretches. These work best as warm-up exercises before a workout and also give relaxation if done after the intense workouts.

With the fitness equipment specifically designed to improve your mobility, you can make your workouts more effective. Our products are from top brands with the highest quality and standard. These are ideal for not only mobility-based exercises but for stretching and resistance training as well. Including them in your regular fitness regime is going to make you fitter and better. Explore the range today and equip your gym with the best mobility equipment.