Does the idea of using cardio machines fill you with dread? It should not! Because, it can be one of the most effective workouts for your overall health, weight loss and stress relief. Any fitness program is incomplete without cardio. It's time to accelerate your breath, pump your heart and improve your health with cardio. With FitDist you can find a huge range of cardio equipment like rowing machines, treadmills, studio bikes, exercise bikes, Assault bikes and runners, concept 2, Elliptical and cross trainers and more. So, get set and go!

Practising cardio is one of the aspects that are most crucial to get back in shape. But why is this so important for our health? Whether you love it or hate it, cardio helps you stay fit and healthy. Cardio exercises include any rhythmic activity that raises your heart rate, increases blood circulation, makes you breathe heavy and takes you into the zone where you'll burn the most fat and calories. These are an aerobic form of exercises, and their effectiveness depends on the frequency, intensity and duration.

There are several cardio workouts, choose the one that you enjoy the most. Just 20 minutes regular exercise with any of the cardio equipment will improve your overall mood, boost energy and endurance, regulate blood pressure, control cholesterol levels, maintain sugar levels and help shed fat easier.

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