Bumpers + Plates

Bumpers + Plates

Ready to throw some weight around your home or garage gym and confused about bumper plates? Run through a gamut of quality checks, the RAGE bumpers and plate are made to last. For the athlete who expects nothing but the highest quality equipment, Bumpers and Plates by RAGE are made of the finest quality rubber materials so they can take more punishment with high-intensity use in every fitness warrior’s workout routine.

Rage Fitness knows, to become extraordinary in fitness and bring the athlete in you, the equipment with which you train must be exceptional. The minimal bounce construction and industrial strength design by Rage Fitness is far superior to the common rubber bumper. You can choose from Rubber Olympic Bumpers or Olympic Pro Bumpers, whichever suits your need the best. Both of them get constructed with a superior rubber formula and steel insert design for ultimate strength and durability. These are easy on your hands, safe on your floors and environmentally friendly to support your fitness at the pro level.

Want to buy the bumpers and plate but confused which one to go for? The first thing to figure out is what type of training you’ll be doing whether its powerlifting, weightlifting or Olympic lifting. With this, you will determine your fitness level at the moment, future fitness goal and what type of plates you use. For the most part, bumper plates are used with a barbell, but you can also do exercises with a single bumper plate for an effective workout.

Discover your ideal equipment set with Rage Fitness under FitDist from an extensive range of bars and plates, strength, conditioning, body-weight and more! Explore the product lines under each to get your perfect fit.