Benches + Racks

Benches & Racks

Increase natural body movement with weight training bench and power racks by Rage Fitness. Without a doubt, the basis of all strength training equipment is benches and racks. They’re tough, durable and versatile for all kind of heavyweight workouts and play a major role in developing the core strength, increased muscles mass, imparting joint flexibility, improving balance and managing weight as well. So, whether you are a beginner in the fitness journey or an expert personal trainer, you can train with our racks and benches like a pro. 

Rage Fitness brings you the premium quality, well-built and standard products in the category of benches and racks. They push your athletic limits, reach your goals and improve your life. Fuel your passion and intensity to lift, jump, push, kick, run, climb, catch, twist, flip, resist, sweat, & recover. Rage provides the perfect workout benches and racks for weightlifting, training, plyometric, and step-ups. 

Weight benches by Rage support your body while weight training, increasing your efficiency with each rep. They hit your muscle hard and build them with added strength. Reinforced double-stitched seams, fabricated with heavy-duty 2-inch steel and powder-coated for extra durability, these weight benches add fire to your workout routine. On the other hand, squat racks by Rage are versatile and help perform multiple exercises. They aid in squats, benches, jerks, presses, and other rack movements.

If you own a home gym set up or run a fitness club, weight bench and squat racks by Rage will enhance your training space along with improving overall strength and fitness of the body. If you are an expert and fitness enthusiast, then these are mandatory for you. And if you are a beginner and just getting started with these workouts, then these are perfect for someone like you. Start with the benches first, then move to racks for optimal weight training.