Let’s Band (Powersets)

Using powerbands as a resistance tool is the opposite of assistance. When the individual is generally at their strongest in a lift or movement, powerbands can be used to add greater elastic load and challenge them. Resistance bands, as the name suggests, are the bands that provide resistance to strengthen or stretch your muscles. Whether you are a beginner in fitness, an experienced professional trainer, or recovering from an injury, you should include resistance bands without a doubt. Let's Band brings various powersets to take your functional training a level up. You can choose from the multiple sets and get the best out of it.

Powerset Flex, Tube, Pro, Lady Max and Min are available in the colour-coded form with distinct features to provide resistance for fitness enthusiasts at all levels. Each set has multi-functional features and benefits.

Powerset Flex

The FLEX Set is multifaceted, and you can use for rehabilitation, strength training, general fitness and rehabilitative exercises. The set includes three FLEX band strengths, a door anchor and a training manual. The portable and lightweight set is perfect for travel and is suitable for all fitness levels.

Powerset Tube

With the set TUBE set, you strengthen and tone your upper and lower body with exercises such as bicep curls and squat presses. The set includes 3 interchangeable resistance levels: 2 foam-grips handles to change the resistance and load in a snap, a door anchor that attaches to nearly any door, a training manual, and online access to our training platform. 

Powerset Pro

The PRO Set is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to experience the full power of a unique training tool. The set includes all five powerbands, an exercise DVD, and a training manual. Take the "smallest gym in the world" home with you.

Powerset Lady

A brand new you. It all begins with three resistance levels – light, medium, and tough – each in its gorgeous colour – pink, light pink, and purple. The set also includes a carryall mesh bag that fits the bands, a motivational quick-start workout poster, a code for your 4-week training program and access to our online training.

Powerset Max

The power set MAX includes all three powerbands MINI and the powerbands MAX blue. This set enables you to carry out all of our exercises and workouts.

Powerset Mini

The power set MINI contains all three powerbands with light, medium, and strong resistance strengths. You can easily determine your training level based on different strengths.