Just like most other Pilates equipment, the Ped-A-Pull too is a complete genius. It can challenge the body and create an efficient and balanced movement. Both simple and advanced exercises can be performed on the Ped-A-Pull.

The Ped-A-Pul consists of a base platform and an upright pole with two springs which have handles. A person exercising on a Ped-A-Pul stands on the platform and centres against the pole. She/he is then supposed to use the handles attached to the spring to do various exercises. Some basic benefits of Ped-i-Pul include improving the standing alignment and strengthening the muscles around the shoulder girdle. It also helps in fine-tuning Pilates breathing and is great for the strengthening of core muscles.

Powerful Adjustability and Accessibility with BASI System Ped-A-Pull.

BASI Systems Ped A Pull delivers powerful control in spring settings, with variable height and width adjustability. Its base is ergonomically designed to accommodate sitting and standing work, and the optional seat expands accessibility and repertoire possibilities.

Features Included:

- Highly precise spring settings with variable height and width adjustability.

- Ergonomic design accommodates seated and standing work.

- Optional Seat expands accessibility and repertoire possibilities.

- Seat height is adjustable, and it can rotate out of the way when not in use.

- Patent: US 10,393,163 B2