Without a doubt, primary exercises, your compound movements, and big lifts are the most important moves for overall strength and weight training. Deadlifts, squats, bench presses, and pull-ups are what provide major results when it comes to strength and bodybuilding.

Weight lifting isn’t just for bodybuilders. Most adults can benefit from weight training and strength building in a way that you can not only build muscle but improve your overall fitness as well. When paired with cardio exercise, weight lifting can improve bone density and build a healthy lean muscle to fat ratio and enhanced metabolism. If you are thinking about weight training, you might also be wondering about some of the associated accessories.

While these exercises form the basis of any good strength training routine, but never overlook the associated accessories. Find a variety of free weight accessories with Jordan Fitness to aid your fitness, strength training and weight lifting all in one go!

Jordan fitness has lifting accessories include weightlifting belts, lifting chains, barbell collars, weight collars, squat pads, lifting straps, dip belts, lifting/jerk blocks, lifting platforms and gym chalks. With these accessories you can work up your body for better results with your workouts and trainings.