Caps And Lids

Caps and Lids

You have MOBOT Foam Roller Water Bottle but looking for the replacement or extra spout lids? We have got you covered with solid, premium and sustainable lids. These come with a straw to keep you on a ROLL!

Complete your MOBOT collection with another on-the-go lifestyle cap. Perfect for those who prefer chugging water to sipping – or want an easy-clip option. This lid works well with carabiners, making it a favourite for those feeling adventurous and that like to throw down! Made of 100% recycled stainless steel Fits all MOBOT sizes.

The lids have extensive features which will amaze and benefit you as well. Some of the unique features that MOBOT caps and lids have are:


Easy to open and close or sneak a silent sip. BONUS no more throwing your head back and chugging for dear life! The straws make drinking water convenient, and we bet you will drink more with MOBOT! 

Planet and MOBOT

All the MOBOT Products whether it is bottle or cap, they all are FDA approved, BPA free, made from recycled stainless steel, eco-friendly and non-toxic EVA. The vision is to help the environment and yet impact human life in the right way!


You can gulp from the water directly and close your bottle conveniently with the stainless steel caps or lids. And if you enjoy sipping your water, then the silent straw sip caps are perfect for you.