Boxing & MMA

Boxing & MMA

Do you consider boxing a sport or a form of exercise? Boxing is so much more than just a sport or physical exercise. We believe it a combination of sport and a form of exercise. Functional Fitness is a way to transform from good health to great health. Boxing very well fits into this idea of functional movement to promote a better, faster, stronger, more efficient you. Escape Fitness boxing and MMA range caters to all the users going for the ultimate high-intensity total body workout at home.

Whether you’re just beginning your boxing or martial arts journey or building a training facility from the ground up, Escape Fitness have the combat sport and MMA training gear you need to reach your goals. From Escape Fitness you can find an extensive range of boxing and MMA products which includes training gloves, curved hook and jack pads, fitness jump rope, cross-training jump rope, training bag and boxing gloves.

Boxing is an intense aerobic and anaerobic workout to engage your upper and lower body muscles together to throw high impact punches. With this form of fantastic workout, you can improve your hand-eye coordination along with balance, increase cardiovascular tolerance, encourage muscle endurance, and also manage the stress levels.

Who can go for boxing? Well, it is for everyone. People of all ages at any skill level can indulge in boxing.  With boxing, you have full control over the complexity, and that depends on the boxing equipment you use or the boxing techniques you test or perform. Our huge range of boxing equipment gets crafted with the utmost quality to ensure your safety during the workouts. The foundation of boxing is laid by boxing gloves, punching bags and protective gears. And as you keep developing yourself in boxing and martial arts, keep adding other accessories related to it.