Big Bertha

Hydration and relaxation in one go! MOBOT is the world’s first and most portable trigger point foam roller that doubles as a reusable water bottle. You can drink and roll where ever your next adventure takes you. Now with MOBOT, you can quench your thirst and recover mind and body together after an intense workout or sports.

Everybody has tension, stress, and anxiety manifesting into knots in their muscles which needs to be released to increase blood flow, circulation, and mobility while decreasing stress, soreness, and even cellulite. MOBOT releases and targets troublesome areas in the body better than most recovery tools available. In simple terms, if you move, you should roll.

The science behind hydration and foam rolling shows these are two of the most effective ways to restore your muscles and take care of your body – so you can kill it in your next workout, and feel better every day. 

Deep Tissue Massage and Hydration with Big Bertha.

Perfect for everyday use and high-performance activity, Big Bertha is here you get you rolling and relief stress at your fingertips! Big Bertha is the size that started it all. It is everything you need to stretch and roll out your entire body, meeting your hydration needs.

Patented 2-in-1 Foam Roller Water Bottle:  MOBOT's industrial strength and unique designs will make you hydrate more and relax better.

Hydration-on-the-go:  Big bertha has everything you need to roll out your entire body and drink 2 bottles of water to meet your hydration needs.

Sustainability: It has built to last design and made from 100% recycled stainless steel, BPA free and non-toxic, high-density EVA foam.

Tested up to 350 LBS: You can roll on your MOBOT full or empty, and it can hold up to 350lb! Sip, roll and relax.

MIND, BODY, PLANET All together: Designed to feel good and do well. Calmer you, and beautiful Planet together with MOBOT.