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FUNCTION and SOLUTION have been included into one single product, giving birth to the first functional container, which is solid, practical, minimal and unique. Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy for a professional and intensive use, it also allows you to store all the necessary tools for functional training. IRON BENCH is complemented by a wide range of products such as: Revoring®, Speed Resistor, Power Tube, Kross Training Rope, Kettle Soft, Giant Ball, Flat Fit, Studio Kettlebell and Hex Dumbell. Designed and Made in Italy for professional use Functional design Special fissures carved from the structure become perfect anchor points for elastic bands, cables and handles. As they don’t create any bumps on the surface of the structu¬re, they avoid any risk of tripping on them during exerci¬se. The bar is particularly suited to anchor Revoring, Rope and Speed Resistor and to perform any kind of bending Made in Italy Frame Material: powder coated steel Upholstery: closed cell crush proof material with anti-slip and anti-bacterial covering.