Get your total body workout with the space-saving powerbands TUBE in blue with heavy resistance. Our band is ultra lightweight, portable and ideal for a total body workout in any size living space, anytime anywhere. Available in three different resistance levels that are color-coded for easy identification.

After purchasing your powerbands TUBE, you will find a code and sign-up instructions inside your packaging for our online training platform.

Tubes are durable, versatile, and suitable for any type of targeted strength training to full body workouts; specifically to strengthen and tone arms, chest, shoulders, back, and lower body extremities.

•Work on strength and power, anytime anywhere

•Premium comfort grips and non-slip foam handles for safety

•Great for travel and home use

•Ideal for resistance training, aerobic endurance training and rehab

•Handles can be placed under the foot or around the ankle for a variety of exercises

•available in 3 different resistance levels: light, medium, and heavy

•Improves strength throughout the body

•Includes exercise and instruction chart



Maximize your workouts with a door anchor that attaches to nearly any door.

Customize your training routine by attaching it to any side of the door and at varying heights for a wide variety of different exercises. So, you can choose where to train – whether home, office, or take it on the road with you and set up in your hotel room (recommended)

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Our powerband TUBE in blue comes with heavy resistance and is therefore optimal for advanced or professional users. In addition to warming up, activating your muscles or stability exercises you can also work on strength and power, anytime anywhere. The handles are cushioned with soft foam for exercise comfort.