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Our set TUBES comes with three color-coded resistances tubes in light, medium, and heavy. The pair of handles comes with ergonomic rotating grips to ensure maximum comfort. You can switch resistance levels in no time, making your training more efficient or as challenging as you want. You have enough variation in resistance to create just about any workout you could want.

Tubes are durable, versatile, and suitable for any type of targeted strength training to full body workouts; specifically to strengthen and tone arms, chest, shoulders, back, and lower body extremities.

Attach the TUBES to the door anchor for a multitude of resistance training exercises, allowing for workouts at home, the gym, office or on the go. Perform the same exercises you would normally do with pulley-equipment. The progressive resistance levels also make this tool ideal for all fitness levels.

  • Work on strength and power, anytime anywhere
  • Use multi-planar movements for comprehensive training
  • Great for travel and home use
  • Change TUBES in a snap
  • Break-resistant latex material provides consistent stretch
  • customized to your precise resistance needs
  • Ideal for resistance training, aerobic endurance training and rehab
  • Handles can be placed under the foot or around the ankle for a variety of exercises
  • 3 different resistance levels: light, medium, and heavy

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With the set TUBE, you strengthen and tone your upper and lower body with exercises such as bicep curls and squat presses. The set includes 3 interchangeable resistance levels: 2 foam grip handles to change the resistance and load in a snap, a door anchor that attaches to nearly any door, a training manual, and online access to our training platform. TUBES expand the capabilities of your home gym and are desirable for those who feel handles would be more comfortable.