FitDist offers a wide range of functional training equipment for you to exercise harder and longer, become flexible, and improve your day-to-day performance. Searching for the right kind of equipment? With careful considerations, we've put together the best training tools such as suspension training equipment, resistance bands, slam balls and medicine balls, plyo boxes, skipping ropes, boxing equipment and much more in our easy to navigate categories. 

Functional training adds to the classic strength training to give it a holistic view. The purpose of this training method goes beyond your routine workout. It involves complex movement patterns to enhance and strengthens your body's ability to perform everyday activities. But how it works? By engaging multiple muscle groups at the same time, you help your body function better as a whole like one system and not an independent part. 

Functional training is one of the oldest and most common types of training around. While it is a popular training method in many gym facilities, you can also build a vigorous functional training program that you can do in the comfort and privacy of your home, with our Functional Training Equipment. Designed in an adaptable way, our equipment will meet your needs depending on your choice of exercise, the intensity, duration and frequency of the workout. No matter at what age or fitness level you are at, you can include functional training in your regular workout to make it more effective.

Why functional training is important? Well, the more you train functionally, the better your entire body will work as one unit. It improves the level of coordination, focus and core strength to build body balance and stability. This training method will impart you with excellent kinesthetic awareness which makes you aware of your body movements and prevents injury. Thus including regular functional training will help you meet your fitness goals while making exercise more attractive and motivating.