Wunda Chair

  • Wunda Chair

    Though Pilates in its original form was developed as a mat-based collection of routines, equipment was soon introduced to build better and greater resistance for the body. Joseph Pilates himself was the pioneer of a number of these pieces of equipment, including the wunda chair.

    The crucial function of the wunda chair is to provide you with the chance to work with added resistance against the body. Anyone who has ever done Pilates can tell you that the more resistance you can put your body against, the more endurance you will be gaining. The Pilates chair, or the wunda chair, can certainly give you that chance.

    The BASI System wunda chair also works wonders for your upper body in areas like the neck, arms and shoulders, as well as the lower body. The wunda chair provides benefits for the lower back, the abdomen, the spine and the pelvic region. It helps you with several benefits, including building the strength of the core of the body. Also, it can help you rehabilitate after an injury faster than mat-based Pilates ever could, as well being able to relieve the body of knots and muscle aches.

    Highly Adjustable with Smooth Transitions: BASI System Wunda Chair

    The BASI Systems Wunda Chair has an innovative pedal design that extends mobility, offers smooth transitions and fine-tuning adjustability of spring tension and handle height. Your BASI Systems Wunda Chair comes with prepared ports to seamlessly accommodate the revolutionary F2 System upgrade.

    Features Included:

    - Smooth transitions between resistance settings without removal of springs

    - Rounded ergonomic split pedal offers comfort as well as a consistent and broad range of motion

    - Seat, pedal, and handle grips covered in orthopaedic cushioning with easy-grip antibacterial material

    - Removable handles have four locking positions every 6.5 centimetres, 2.56 inches

    - Prepared ports support the F2 System upgrade, adding a finely adjustable spring system to chair work

    - Equipped with silicon wheels for quick & easy mobility