Spine Corrector

  • Basi System (Spine Corrector)

    Are you struggling with back pain or discomfort in the shoulder or neck? If yes, then this might be the indication of severe spine issue which you should not ignore. When your spine loses its natural curve, it starts to cause intense pain. A pilates spine corrector comes into play during such condition, which is a unique device that helps correct or restores the curvature of the spine.

    Leading-edge Functionality & Ergonomic Design for Spine Corrector by BASI System.

    BASI Systems Spine Corrector has orthopaedic padded cushioning and easy-grip padded handles. Its curved bottom design makes it easier to lift and reposition. The BASI Systems Spine Corrector is designed to take advantage of the F2 System add-on, which brings leading-edge functionality to barrel work! With the innovative F2 System, springs can be attached at a multitude of angles and resistance levels for expansive and innovative repertoire.

    With the regular use of a pilates spine corrector, you can bring the spine into its natural shape, aligns the spine, strengthens the abdomen, and tone back and shoulder muscles. If you are going through spine-related problems or want to correct your posture, spine corrector is the tool you should use in your regular pilates movements. It is sure to improve your body balance, posture and flexibility in no time.

    Features Include:

    NEW! Additional to standard Spine Corrector, a new deeper curve model is also available

    - Ergonomic design and orthopaedic padded cushioning supports optimal positioning and movement

    - Prepared ports support the F2 System upgrade, adding a highly versatile spring system to spine corrector work

    - F2 System levers serve as handles to place wrists and shoulders in the optimal position for weight-bearing exercises