Sitting Box

  • Sitting Box

    BASI Systems™ equipment delivers a breakthrough in precision and flow for Pilates movement. The intelligent design of BASI Systems™ brings together over thirty years of Pilates practise and research with the highest quality custom materials and craftsmanship.

    BASI Systems™ Sitting Box expands the repertoire of your BASI Systems™ Reformer. Its orthopaedic padded cushioning brings comfort to a range of seated, supine and prone exercises and its curved design makes it easy to lift and position.

    Materials BASI Systems: Sitting Box is made with the finest ergonomic custom manufactured materials. We use beech wood for sturdiness, antibacterial vinyl to resist wear-and-tear and orthopaedic cushioning for comfort. Your BASI Systems™ Sitting Box is shipped to you in a special recyclable container designed to be folded down or used for other things. 

    Care and Maintenance: BASI Systems Sitting Box is designed with the highest quality materials to provide ergonomic integrity, comfort and longevity. We recommend that you clean the upholstery with the cloth provided or any soft cloth with warm water and soap. For deeper cleaning, use a soft-bristled brush with an alkaline-based cleaner, and rinse with cold water and a sponge.

    About BASI Systems™ BASI Pilates® is a leading Pilates education academy with a reputation for innovation, dedication and academic excellence. BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International, which is the name of the academy and an affirmation of its approach to Pilates studies. The mission of BASI Pilates® is to create and maintain professional standards for the teaching of the Pilates Method and to preserve and perpetuate the gift of Pilates by educating teachers of the highest calibre and providing equipment designed to have biomechanical and aesthetic integrity.