Rockay was created by the founder – Daniel Chabert and his passion for running. The brand wants to inspire change by producing the best performance wear on the planet with the notion to stop senseless waste and pollution.  Every year over 80 million tons of plastic is thrown into the oceans, and the brand believes that the textile industry can help clean this up by turning it into clothing. With this vision, Rockay stands out from the average brands and continuously bring products to the market that people have never seen.


Rockay is a premium international running and athleisure brand with an emphasis on top quality products with a sustainable effort. As an outstanding running apparel brand, Rockay has a mission to provide runners with world-class performance gear while encouraging the world to support environmental sustainability. The brand has always set itself on the path to inspire runners and make them ready from tip to toe to achieve excellent performance while running for their fitness goal.


Rockay had to push the boundaries of what's possible in using a range of ingenious recycled materials that enabled the brand to create high-end performance wear. It is done by sourcing fabrics that can be recycled and by turning plastic into fabrics. With this, the brand is on the path to change the industry with the mission to show that sustainable products can be world-class as well.


With the commitment to make the best sustainable products for runners on the market, Rockay makes that sure no compromise is made on the quality of the products in any way. You can explore the extensive range of products including, compression wears, running socks, apparel, sleeves, accessories and more. With a huge variety of products, both for men and women, you can get the best out of your running routine.


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