• Cardio

    Is the idea of cardio workouts makes you say no to exercise? It should not! Because, it can be one of the most effective workouts for your overall health, weight loss and stress relief. Any fitness program is incomplete without cardio. It's time to accelerate your breath, pump your heart and improve your health with cardio from RAGE. For the athlete who seeks to push the limits of their snap muscle reflexes and polish the edges of each workout, RAGE Conditioning Equipment will satisfy the need of every fitness warrior.

    Practicing cardio is one of the aspects that are most crucial to get back in shape. But why is this so important for our health? Whether you love it or hate it, cardio helps you stay fit and healthy. Cardio exercises raise your heart rate, increases blood circulation, makes you breathe heavy and take you into the zone where you'll burn the most fat and calories. There is equipment available to take your cardio journey to the next level and if you are a beginner then it will assist you to kick start into cardio. In the range of cardio equipment find Assault Bike, Pull Sled and Resistance Bands by RAGE Fitness.

    Assault Bike

    The Assault Air Bike was designed by fitness engineers based on feedback from athletes and trainers to create the best possible product.

    Built from the ground up this Air Bike is heavy-duty in all the right places so that it can stand up to anything you throw at it. The Air Bike uses air resistance to provide a workout meaning that the workout is as hard as you want to make it.

    Pull Sled

    This compact sled and harness system is challenging, fun and easy to transport. The single post for loading plates and bumpers gives this sled incredible stability for a smooth pull through each cardio exercise routine.

    Resistance Band

    Ideal for strength training, mobility and assisting with functional movements, Resistance Bands are one of the most versatile pieces of athletic equipment. You can work up your entire body to gain strength, build muscles and shed body fat faster.