Bars & Plates

Rage Fitness understands the dedication it takes to lead an athlete who continually strives to improve their performance, especially when they are training to compete. Rage Fitness has a huge collection of bars and plates needed to meet the needs of an individual or to keep the power lifters equipped in your fitness club. Rage Fitness is the leading provider of quality Bars and Plates in the fitness industry. The category of bars and plates include standard products barbells, bumper plates, storage accessories, and everything else you’ll need to equip a garage gym or full-scale training facility. 

When purchasing bars and plates for the personal home gym set up or numerous users with a diversity of capabilities in your commercial gym setup, you will need an extensive range of bars and plates that can support them. Fortunately, Rage Fitness offers a broad range of bars and plates that will encourage you to achieve your fitness goal or your club members to grow. 

You often find a variety of fitness equipment available to build your strength. But often, you find it confusing to decide which one to buy. Before picking the ideal strength equipment, understand your fitness goal and level and then pick the right equipment. We suggest picking the bars and plates from Rage Fitness to set up your home gym setup. It will make your gym space well-equipped and ultimately lead to your strength building as well.

If you own a fitness center, depending on the size of your club and the number of members who will be lifting weights at any given time, a variety of standard and premium plates may be needed. It will help to ensure the equipment that your members require is available to benefit them at all level. To keep your club members interested, you need to provide quality equipment that will help them gain strength. Discover the range and get started today!