Lift Assists

Lift Assist

Harbinger straps, wraps and lift assists are excellent strength training accessories catered for lifting and powerlifting for both men and women. Straps get designed to increase your grip without compromising your feel for the bar. Wrist wraps feature competition grade elastic that provides maximized stability to help support the wrist through heavy lifting. Knee wraps feature integrated medium weight elastic that provides stability to help support the knee through heavy lifting.

Whether your training purpose is lifting - strength train as your primary form of physical activity, or heavy lifting - competitive training goals to compete at an amateur or semi-pro level and strongly identify lifting weights as a lifestyle such as a weightlifter, personal trainer or coach, you can find suitable accessories that fit your requirements. Harbinger's straps, wraps and lift assists are accessories helping you to function at your best in lifting or heavy lifting. They include palm grips, wrist supports, wrist wraps, and lifting straps, lifting hooks, lifting grips and knee wraps, for both men and women.

There are 16 products in Harbinger's straps, wraps and lift assists. Each product is catered for different functions and different usage. The product chosen is dependent on your type of movements and your preference. All Harbinger strength training accessories undergo a strategic and thorough Product Creation Process that include proprietary technology and advanced designs. Other advanced designs get inspired by market trends, insights from industry professionals, Brand Ambassadors and most importantly, understanding your needs. All products are carefully tested and quality controlled.