Let’s Bands

Explore your strength with Let's Band- The Powerband Specialist.

Let’s Bands is the first company to specialize in resistance bands. They make the highest-quality resistance bands that help your train anywhere and anytime. They work on the mission to offer you the best elastic resistance equipment and accessories in the market with the best value.

Now you can work-out with Let's Band on the go, whether at home, outdoors or at the gym. The bands are a versatile tool to build strength, burn body fat, improve fitness, no matter your fitness level. With exceptional design and attractive style, you can train with Let’s Band to maximize the results in record time.

Powerbands by Let's Band bring your gym in a box. There is no 'one size fits all', so Let‘s Bands created pre-packaged powerbands sets designed to meet varying physical needs and goals. The colour-coded powerbands make it easy for the user to identify the best fit and the affordable price range gives customers a large variety of resistance bands from which to choose.

Let's Band offers the powerbands in different style, size and for various resistance level. Powerbands MINI, MAX, FLEX and TUBE are available in four progressive colour-coded levels of resistance to suit all fitness levels. 

Today, you can already find Let’s Bands in the suitcases and gym bags of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, professional weight rooms, and in large gym chains throughout the world. They have invested heavily in the design, manufacture, and packaging of the powerbands to deliver the best to you. We at FitDist, bring these powerbands in varying sizes and style to make your way to fitness convenient and easily accessible in the UK and Ireland fitness market. Explore the brand category and find your ideal fit from a variety of resistance bands by Let's Band.