Kettlebell & Dumbbells

Kettlebells & Dumbbells

A kettlebell workout builds fitness in every area of your physique starting from your upper and lower body to your core and your overall cardiovascular system. They are easy to store and are popular in gyms across the country thanks to their low barrier for entry. The Escape Fitness range of studio kettlebell weights is perfect for any personal trainer or gym looking to give their clients access to high-quality equipment.

Escape Fitness understands what it takes to build robust strength, and thus it brings you the two most favourite kinds of strength equipment for you: Dumbbells and kettlebells. We often compare these two, but the benefits they offer with their features differ. Escape Fitness brings its dumbbells and kettlebells in the market to cater to different needs yet the same goal.

When it comes to explosive, physical movements, undoubtedly kettlebells are the king. If your goal is powerlifting, plyo improvements, or you are competing in a sport that requires explosiveness, Escape Fitness kettlebells are the way to greater gain. Whereas Escape Fitness dumbbells are great for a little bit of everything, you can start with more basic movements like a chest press, Both dumbbells and kettlebells are convenient, easy to use and bring results in your overall fitness.

Escape Fitness suggests that when crafting your strength routine, choose exercises and equipment which is convenient, safe for you, and that will best help you reach your goals. The dumbbells and kettlebells by Escape Fitness have an extensive range with different weights which you can easily incorporate in your strength training equipment collection. Get started with robust strength training today with Escape Fitness dumbbells and kettlebells to build robust strength.