Kettlebells + Dumbbells

When you think of gym equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is a dumbbell. They are the bread and butter of the fitness world and a must for all gyms and functional spaces. Jordan Dumbbells are truly something special and form an essential part of any strength training program. The most crucial benefit of dumbbell exercises is that along with strengthening the main muscle it gets you to input from other vital stabilizing muscles as well. Jordan Fitness has premium quality dumbbells with different materials to fit your needs at various fitness levels.

Available in ultra-durable Urethane which features up to 5 years warranty, they also offer Rubber and Chrome Dumbbells in a range of designs including Hex and the unique IGNITE anti-roll. You can also customise your dumbbells and add your logo and personalised design, for the ultimate look in your gym/health club facility. Not only Jordan Fitness has created dumbbells of great quality with a timeless finish, but also offers them at a competitive price.  

Train hard with Jordan dumbbells and if you are wondering how to do it, remember its effectiveness depends on the weight of the dumbbell, the swiftness of the workout and the number of repetitions of a particular exercise. Keep all these points in mind, and use Jordan dumbbells to gain maximum benefits. You can also improve bone density, cardiovascular health, burn calories faster, increase muscle mass and its endurance with their use. Its benefits are immense; you only need to make sure how to get the maximum benefits out of it.

No matter at what level you are in your fitness journey, never ignore the benefits of having the right set of dumbbells. Not only are they convenient to use and store, but dumbbells can also fit your budget, and are useful for a wide variety of workouts. With various sizes and weights, Jordan provides a wide range from different brands to boost your fitness routine.