Being the leading authority in the design and supply of quality commercial functional fitness equipment in the UK and now internationally, Jordan Fitness has established the trust and credibility in the fitness industry for more than 30 years. Catering its customers with premium commercial gym equipment for the home gym set up or fitness centres, Jordan Fitness continuously refine existing designs and produce innovative new concepts, keeping them at the forefront of the fitness industry.


Jordan Fitness has produced and registered product design and specifications after thorough product development and market research. The brand strives to deliver unique and innovative fitness products to take your fitness journey up the ladder. They pay close attention to quality control and pricing to not only bring the best product in the market but also make them affordable and accessible to all. Keeping the pricing competitive, the equipment offered by the brand often exceed in quality and durability, compared to other products in the market that are much more expensive.


Whether you want to do cardio, strength train, improve functional fitness, get involved in peaceful yoga or increase athletic performance through boxing, Jordan Fitness had the right kind of fitness equipment for all. The brand offers extensive products range starting from free weights, studio or functional equipment, benches, racks, boxing equipment, home gym equipment, yoga and rehab products, mobility and more. As a leading supplier in commercial gym equipment in Europe, you can find all the fitness tools which can enhance your fitness equipment collection and build your gym set up.


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