Rage Fitness - Frictionless Chalk

Have you felt the frustration of your hand slipping in the middle of a heavy lift? We understand your struggle. That is why frictionless gym chalks are important to use to improve your grip and help to protect your hands against skin tears. Chalk is especially useful while doing heavy lifts like deadlifts or chin-ups. Rage fitness provides you with high-quality chalks to aid your powerlifting exercises. You can use these as a great tool to help you push to that next level.

Rage Fitness brings a variety of gym chalks with features like providing dry hands, silica free for healthy skin, convenient to use and easy to carry. The different version of chalk and cream includes FrictionLabs Gorilla Grip Loose Gym Chalk, Unicorn Dust Loose Gym Chalk, Bam Bam Loose Gym Chalk and Secret Stuff Chalk Cream. All these are made with the finest material to provide premium gym chalks and cream.

While using high-grade chalk, all you need is a fine layer of chalk, and you get all the texture needed to perform a routine. With the cream, you get the same result without any mess, and at the same time, it keeps your skin healthy and bacteria-free. The goal is to use as little chalk as possible. If you chalk up too much and it fills in all the nooks and crannies of your fingerprints or leather, it creates a barrier almost like wearing a thin glove which does not give you the sensitivity you need to perform a routine. All 3 blends have the same performance and health benefits. It is just a matter of personal texture preference. Unicorn Dust is Fine powder chalk with small chunks, Gorilla Grip is Medium Chunky chalk with some powder, and Bam Bam is Super Chunky chalk with some powder (closest to gym chalk block).

Explore the range of finest quality gym chalk and cream to get the 100% result to overcome grip problems caused by sweat, rain, humidity, and oils/sunscreen. We have the chalk endorsed by 100+ Pros In Multiple Sports which are perfect for indoor & outdoor rock climbing chalk, gymnastics chalk for bars, powerlifting and weight lifting chalk, and for bouldering, hang board training, pull up bar, kettlebell, CrossFit, and pole grip.