MOBOT Firecracker – Foam Roller Water Bottle (18 oz)

Hydration and Massage with MOBOT are together now! MOBOT is the world’s first and most portable trigger point foam roller that doubles as a reusable water bottle. You can drink and roll where ever your next adventure takes you. Now with MOBOT, you can quench your thirst and recover mind and body together after an intense workout or sports.

Firecracker, the smallest MOBOT in the range and is great for targeted muscle release that might be harder to get to with a larger foam roller. Think of it as an oversized lacrosse ball, with added hydration! It's the perfect handbag size, and also easy for kids to use (and still able to hold a person up to 350lb)! Drink 5-6 a day, and you've met your hydration needs. MOBOTs are single-walled to be lightweight and maximize water volume. Fill it with cold

The science behind hydration and foam rolling shows these are two of the most effective ways to restore your muscles and take care of your body – so you can kill it in your next workout, and feel better every day. 

Deep Tissue Massage and Hydration with Grace.

MOBOT's are lightweight, convenient and save you time and money. Designed to go with you so you can feel good anywhere! The combination of a sustainable water bottle and eco-friendly foam roller helps your body and the planet together. 

Patented 2-in-1 Foam Roller Water Bottle:  MOBOT's industrial strength and unique designs will make you hydrate more and relax better.

Hydration-on-the-go:  Big bertha has everything you need to roll out your entire body and drink 2 bottles of water to meet your hydration needs.

Sustainability: It has built to last design and made from 100% recycled stainless steel, BPA free and non-toxic, high-density EVA foam.

Tested up to 350 LBS: You can roll on your MOBOT full or empty, and it can hold up to 350lb! Sip, roll and relax.

MIND, BODY, PLANET All together: Designed to feel good and do well. Calmer you, and beautiful planet together with MOBOT.

MOBOT's are single-walled to be lightweight and maximize water volume. Fill it with cold water for an icy roll; MOBOT & Chill!