Rage Fitness Conditioning

Whether you run a fitness business or have your home gym setup, then you know how much hassle fitness equipment can cause when not organized. To keep exercise and fitness equipment in the right working condition, it is important to follow the right storage preparation steps. High-quality workout equipment is generally expensive, so replacing damaged items can shake your budget a bit. Therefore, you need to organize your fitness space to make sure no equipment gets damaged. For removing your hassle of storage and organizing your gym space, Rage Fitness brings sturdy and compact storage accessories for you.

Medicine Ball Rack- 3, 4, 5 Tier

Now you can easily store your medicine balls with this compact system. Stable and sturdy enough to take uneven loads, these unique space-saving systems keep any fitness facility looking professional and organized.

Vertical Bumper Stand

Whether you need to store several plates or the full competition bumpers, this system offers options. The spacing between each horizontal arm offers room for plates of all loads. This stand is designed to store plates with International Weightlifting Federation standards of 450 mm diameter A great equipment organizer for limited floor space.

Bumper Tree

Store your weightlifting equipment in this convenient, space-saving, easy-to-assemble bumper tree. Constructed with industrial-strength metal bars, athletes will enjoy a smooth finish to slide plates on and off with ease. Plus, there’s dedicated space to store up to two barbells!

Horizontal Bumper Rack

These offer a portable solution to your bumper plate storage needs.

Can fit (8) bumper plates in place as you move it from station to station. This commercial bumper rack is ideal for high school, college, powerlifting, military, and your gym.

Bumper Stand

The bumper stand is the best way to store bumper plates vertically without consuming a lot of space. They are designed with wheels for easy movement across your facility. The base eliminates the struggle of getting your fingers under the last bumper on the stack. These enable the fast and easy clean up after a barbell workout to organize your gym.

Floor Barbell Holder

Keep your equipment confined using the Rage Vertical Barbell holder. It can carry up to 9 barbells in one small area keeping your space organized and clean.