Benches and Racks

Weight benches and racks are one of the most effective tools for an ultimate weight training session. They’re tough, durable and versatile for all kind of heavyweight workouts. Kwell has a range of weight benches that provides comfort, safety and practicality, allowing for a better workout whenever and wherever you choose. They perfectly complement a selection of power racks and squat racks while setting up a gym from scratch or equipping the already existing gym space. Choose Kwell benches and racks to give a new dimension to your workout space.

Weight benches and power racks - The power pack performance

Weight benches target specific areas while training for strength. They also provide the necessary support needed to perform certain exercises such as chest presses and flies. You cannot ignore the importance of the right bench when trying to achieve the perfect workout. Kwell has come out with a variety of benches and racks to give your workout are the transformation it needs and builds your overall strength as well.

Weight benches and power racks - the highest standard

Kwell range of weight benches and power racks accommodates use with personal trainers or independent training sessions, depending on how you want to train. Unlike traditional machines in the gym, the power rack and weight benches by Kwell are versatile. You can use it for back squats, front squats, shoulder press, deadlifts, bench press and heavy rows. It is like a playground for lifters.

Weight benches and power racks global support

Kwell offer worldwide supports for all the weight benches and power racks. Whichever Kwell Fitness bench or power rack you choose, we pledge to provide the best in class. So, if you have any doubt to start or not, throw it out and get set started today!