Balega International is a brand with a focus to provide foot solutions for runners to perform their best without compromising with their comfort. They want to make you ready to run on the go. Go is more than putting one foot in front of the other. Go is progress. It’s taking the next step. At Balega, it’s pushing further to help runners reach their peak in total comfort.


Every run, perfectly crafted for you by Balega. They work to bring the best fit of running socks crafted with the finest quality running sock material. The design is made to perfection for those who like to move to fit comfortably and improve your running performance. With the contoured fit, seamless comfort, deep heel pocket, proper ventilation panels and advanced V-trch cushion support, Balega running socks is sure to make a difference in your running experience. Balega’s state of the art running socks are produced in environmentally conscious manufacturing facilities for sustainable growth.


The passionate Balega running sock fans share the soul of the brand. Runners, walkers, hikers, professional athletes, coaches, running store employees, and more—they come together to spread the Balega story from every corner of the U.S. and South Africa. Once you go running with Balega running socks, you will never do the running another way. The comfortable fit, perfect design, improved style and complete protection during running make Balega stand out from the rest. 


The brand has a goal to consistently and reliably add value for its retail partners, the running community, and the world around the globe. They strive to become better, achieve higher standards and operate with integrity by living their true spirit of Ubuntu every day. Ubuntu means “shared humanity” in Zulu. The spirit of Ubuntu drives the company to put a positive impact on communities around the world!


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